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Companies database

Beaglers have access to B-BBEE scorecard certificates on over 40,000 companies. Procurement professionals can upload their entire supplier list into Beagle, and we will return a report with your supplier’s B-BBEE compliance information. Soon, Beaglers will have access to CIPC and SARS indicators and a company risk indicator.


Knowledge resources

Beagle has established an amazing ecosystem of some of the country’s leading B-BBEE subject matter experts, accessible to Beaglers via Blogs, articles, webinars, courses and other thought leadership content.

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B-BBEE Analytics

With information on tens of thousands of companies, Beaglers can now use our powerful B-BBEE analytics engine to analyse compliance across sectors, regions and other attributes. B-BBEE Analytics is the ideal companion for Sector Charter Councils wanting to establish a macro view on B-BBEE compliance within their sector.

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