Upload a B-BBEE certificate

Add your company’s B-BBEE certificate to our 40,000+ certificate database.

Search for a company

Search for a supplier, customer, ED or SD beneficiary, competitor or perhaps your own company B-BBEE scorecard certificate and download PDF copies of each certificate. Search by commodity, region or by B-BBEE compliance attributes.


Bulk Search and match supplier compliance

Automates the tedious process of searching for supplier B-BBEE certificates and recording all the supplier’s B-BBEE compliance information into a spreasheet.

Upload the VAT number for all your suppliers into a spreadsheet.

Beagle uses VAT numbers as a unique number to search Beagle to find the supplier’s B-BBEE compliance information.

Beagle will provide you with a spreadsheet incorporating all Beagle supplier compliance information on your suppliers.

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